Multidisciplinary Management
of Obesity and Related Disorders

Medical Weight Management Program


Weight Can be a Serious Matter

If weight gain is causing serious problems with your health, your mobility or your ability to enjoy the fullness of your life, you may need professional help.

Perhaps You Have Lost Weight Only to Regain it Later?

Weight loss alone may not be enough to bring about lasting improvements in your weight and your health. If you have gained a significant amount of weight, hormonal, neurological, and metabolic changes occur that “memorize” your new higher weight. Scientists call this the “set point”. Because of this set point, if you lose weight, your body and brain will fight back, eventually resulting in weight regain – unless you get effective professional help. 

Serious Weight Problems Require Serious and Sustained Treatment

Decades of worldwide research has made it evident that obesity is complex medical, metabolic and, often mental health related condition that needs long term, evidence-based treatment. Without effective and sustained treatment it tends to get worse rather than better. Diet programs, crash diets and fad diets rarely lead to lasting benefits. Many people struggling with obesity have lost weight and regained it several times in their life. Perhaps you are one of these people and you blame yourself? 

Obesity is Rarely a Simple Problem

Blaming and shaming doesn’t motivate anyone and it has no place in the effective management of obesity. A multitude of problems have led to the obesity epidemic and successful treatment requires understanding the root causes of weight problems in each person. Genetics, cultural influences, food industry marketing, childhood trauma, depression, stress, lack of food skills and nutritional knowledge, medical illnesses, weight-promoting medications and chronic pain are just a few of the many factors that can lead to serious weight problems. Each person has their own story and each person has a different collection of reasons for their struggle with weight.

Effective Treatment Should Begin with a Proper Evaluation

In a sense, the approach we take with each patient is more like assembling a jigsaw puzzle than promoting a diet plan. The first step in our program involves a thorough medical evaluation by an internal medicine specialist. Medications that promote weight gain are identified and medical conditions associated with weight are carefully evaluated. As patients progress in the program, problems that interfere with weight management such as depression, food addiction, excessive stress and sleep apnea are identified and patients are directed towards programs to assist them in overcoming these various problems.

Medical consultations, physical exams, in-person group medical visits and laboratory tests are covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan.  

Note: This is not a cosmetic weight loss program and is only available to patients who require long-term weight management for significant medical and/or psychosocial reasons and who are referred by a physician.


To Become a Patient:

If you are interested in becoming a patient, please ask for a referral from your family doctor. Referral forms are available from this website. Download referral form below, print the form and take this to your doctor

Referral Form Download (PDF | Microsoft Word)


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