Multidisciplinary Management
of Obesity and Related Disorders

Video Resources

Video Resources 

Why Obesity is a Chronic Disease (with Dr. Lyon and other doctors)

Trading Willpower For Skillpower! (Dr. Lyon)

How To Practice Self-Compassion (with our team member Tessa Voth)

Why Managing Weight Requires a "Personal Health Revolution" (Dr. Lyon)

Don’t Let The Scale Undermine Your Health (with our team member Karen Tulloch)

3 C's for Managing Anxiety (Dr. Lyon)

Meal Planning (with our team member Veronica Kacinik)

There's No Such Thing As Permanent Weight Loss (Dr. Lyon)

Why Managing Stress Matters for Weight (Dr. Lyon)

A Morning Quiet Time to Cultivate Resilience and Reduce Stress (Dr Lyon) 

The Toll of Dieting (with Dr. Lyon)

Why it's Calories that Count (with Dr. Lyon)

Why Enjoying Your Food is Essential for Managing Weight (Dr. Lyon)

A Key Skill For Success With Weight (Dr. Lyon)

My Weight Live: Reality-Based Weight Loss (Dr. Lyon)

How To Eat To Lose Weight But Stay Full (Dr. Lyon)

How to Talk to a Doctor About Your Weight (Dr. Lyon)

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